7 Things to Know about Going to St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands in 2017

Skydive Virgin Islands is back at it again in 2016-2017 for its fourth season! The center is open by appointment every Monday – Friday 8:30 – sunset through April 1. We rendezvous at Brewer’s, take-off from Cyril King International, and land by parachute in Clinton Phipps Stadium!

The company has laid claim to providing the world’s most beautiful skydive experience. I can’t say I disagree! What on Earth could be more beautiful than soaring over the Caribbean at a birds-eye view? A sight so beautiful it will actually make you want to jump out of an airplane. And for most of you, I bet those are words that you never thought you’d hear yourself saying. “It does not matter if this is your first or fifth tandem skydive; making that leap from 10,500 feet over this part of the Caribbean is a feeling like nothing else! It will absolutely take your breath away,” says Jake Strain, owner of Skydive Virgin Islands. “We are really excited about weekend skydives in Tortola this season!”

“7 things we bet you’ll want to know about Skydiving in the Virgin Islands!"

1. Talking while falling?

Contrary to the popular notion (thanks to big blockbusters like “Point Break” and “The Bucket List”), having a chat with your instructor or anyone else you might see flying by is just plain impossible. During a tandem skydive the wind is travelling past you at over 120 mph makes it pretty much impossible for you to hear anything. Not to worry though, the experience is sure to leave you speechless.

2. How much free fall time do we get?

Our jumping altitude at Skydive Virgin Islands is set nearly 2 miles from the Earth’s surface at 10,500 feet! The tandem pair will get right at 45 seconds of freefall going 120 MPH. After the parachute deploys, it takes just under 6 minutes to descend safely back to the airport landing area.

3. How much is too much?

Currently the skydiving record stands in a 24-hour period is 640 jumps. Jay Stokes of Greensburg, KY did these jumps with the help of 5 parachute packers and 3 planes to get up to altitude as fast as possible!

4. You’re never too old to jump!

Frank Moody is the world’s oldest skydiver at age 101.  He made a tandem jump on June 6, 2004 in Australia.

5. Will the parachute opening be painful?

Many people think that when they open a parachute after free falling that the sudden 'jolt' from falling at 120 mph will be harmful. However, modern parachute designs are now made so that the canopy opens gradually meaning you actually experience little or no jolt at all.

6. I think I’m hooked!

Don Kellner has jumped over 41,000 times in his life! Making him the most experienced skydiver, EVER.

7. Skydiving is safe ☺

Approximately 3.1 million skydives occur each year. Skydive Virgin Islands has been in business since 2013 and has a 100% safety record.

Go to www.skydivevi.com and make reservations by clicking the “Book Now” tab.


*St. Thomas skydiving is Monday - Friday*

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